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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  June 24, 2012 4:00am-5:00am PDT

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good morning, america. this morning -- developing now. tropical storm debbie has formed in the gulf and is on track to grow into a hurricane. could it hit new orleans? our ginger zee is tracking the storm. out of control. thousands forced to flee as new round of vicious wildfires rage in the west. with temperatures heading to record highs, can they be contained. call for help. the dramatic 911 call from the terrified 11-year-old trapped in his home alone, as intruders break in. >> there's a lot of people, rescue me, please help! >> how his quick-thinking saved his life. and prison break, why is this prison daring inmates to
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escape. the new challenge from the inside, just try to bust out. ♪ nothing like george michael to get your sunday started. we want to give a welcome once again this morning to ben mulroney joining us. he's in for dan harris. ben is one of the best-known hosts in canada. we're happy to have him here as a "good morning america" and abc kri or the, great to have you. how was your day in new york yesterday. >> wonderful. enjoyed the weather here in new york. lots to get to this morning. christie brinkley back in court. sparring with her ex, now this fight has gotten even nastier.
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>> the sparring is never end zblnchtsdz take a look at these photos. two girls extremely sunburned because their teachers would about allow them to apply sun screen. and we're going to file this one under do not try this at home. a brave or stupid man, depending on how you look at it, challenging a bear to a fight. >> what are you going to do, bear? are you going to attack me, bear? we'll show you how this one turns out a little bit later and hear from the guy. what was he thinking or what was he drinking zmrfshlts but first, the gulf of mexico, the tropical storm debbie just formed. ginger zee is here to tell us where it's headed next. >> we need to watch where she's
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formed. only 245 southeast of new orleans. before i show you the path, let me show what she's already done. very rough surf in sarasota. inundating rains. watch the path now, as i put this into motion, you'll see where debbie will go. right now the national hurricane center has her taking a very hard left turn. we'll be watching debbie as she forms and continues to update. >> you're following another weather event, those fires out west. >> that's right. 15 large fires are burning in seven different states. this is a big issue that only continues here on your sunday. unruly flames, erupting across the west. the latest outbreak, near colorado springs, colorado, where record-setting heat, gusty
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winds and superlow humidity fuelled the fire. it's threatening 250 homes. 130 miles north, another wildfire, forcing mandatory home evacuations with 21 structures already destroyed. >> it's kind of surreal now. >> reporter: 40 miles northeast, this overnight time lapse shows the blaze where containment has slipped from 60% to 45%. >> tough days for firefighters. >> reporter: evacuees will return to their homes but forced to leave again. >> to be safe is the most important thing. >> reporter: so far, the fire has destroyed 191 homes and i have unfortunate news, the fire weather is not going to help at
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all. denver has been in 100. ben? >> overseas now to egypt, look at these live pictures. this cairo's tahrir square, overflowing with people. in a short time, they'll announce who won the nation's president election. the country may follow it. abc news global affairs anchor christiane amanpour has the latest. >> reporter: egypt is sitting on the edge of its seat. waiting for the delayed results of the presidential election. right now, the both candidates are claiming victory on their facebook pages. the deposed president hosni mubarak's the last prime minister.
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the army has total control over egypt and has desolved parliament and most power is still in charge and has put a lot of security on the street. warning there to be no violence. they're more than 1800 police check points and indeed ambulances out, awaiting this result. back to you, ben. >> christiane amanpour, thank you very much. now to ron claiborne with the other top stories. iran is trying to broker an end to tensions in syria and turkey. turkey has filed a official protest over that interest. searchers in the sea are looking for the plane's two pilots. and jerry sandusky remains
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on suicide watch. as his attorneys reveal they tried to quit the trial before it started. the attorneys said they approached the judge during jury selection, the judge turned them down. the former penn state assistant football coach was convicted of 45 counts. the man who replaced gabby giffords, democratic ron barber a former giffords aide shook hands outside of a grocery store, only a short distance from the shooting rampage. a new world decathlon. 24-year-old ashton eat on, set the new record. evolving five different events. finally when it comes to
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marriage proposals, marching bands and flash mob dancers, stadium jumbotron, that can't compete with a elephant, yesterday, at the zoo in syracuse. he asked her to marry him. she figured it out. and she responded. this is when it got weird, she brought out a shim pansie that said prenup. a fight ensue zbensued. >> all right. >> she did say yes. all right to politics now. it's your voice, your vote. we could find out whether tomorrow president obama's health care bill survives. it's set to announce its
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decision this week. jake tapper is hosting abc's "this week" for george stephanopoulos this weekend. he joins us to talk about it. good morning, jake. >> good morning, bianna. >> well, if the supreme court in fact rules that the president's health care law is not constitutional. what kind of impact will have that on his re-election campaign in. >> mitt romney supported similar legislation in massachusetts. ultimately, you'll see if it overturned it will be a bad week of news stories for president obama, obviously, his signature legislative achievement found unconstitutional. then, comes the story, what replaces health care? we haven't heard much from republicans. and there are popular provisions of this law, including, not allowing insurance companies to deny people with pre-existing conditions. >> the administration saying
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that they have contingency plans in place another legal battle brewing over the "fast and furious" with mexico. attorney general eric holder, held for contempt for not releasing documents. so, jake, how is this going to play out? >> it's a bitter showdown. right now, it looks as though that house vote on contempt of congress for eric holder will come this week, if it does pass, it would then go to a u.s. attorney to investigate and decide whether or not to bring criminal charges against the attorney general. we'll talk to the man leading the charge on "this week" this morning. darrell issa. it's an ugly and bitter stand-off here in washington. >> all right, jake, thank you so much. and, be sure to join jake later for "this week." one guest will be as he said
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darrell issa. ben? now to that terrifying 911 call. a 11-year-old boy home alone, trapped when three intruders break into his house. his quick-thinking helped catch the suspects. your hearts break for this boy. >> it really does. certainly a terrifying ordeal. the tense home invasion lasted only a matter of minutes. but the young boy managed to calm enough to give police a description of the home so they could move in. like something out of a movie, a desperate 911 call from a little boy. scared. home alone. >> can you go into your closet? and hide in your closet? >> it's two people! it's two people! >> it's two people. yeah, come. >> reporter: his father stepped out for only a few minutes to
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pick up dinner. >> i went to get something to drink and i saw someone throw a hammer through the window. the boy frantically hid under his bed and nervously listened as the intruders ransacked his house. are the cops here yet. >> be quiet, okay? talk very softly. >> reporter: he whispered. the break he was waiting for. >> do you see them? do you see the officers? >> can i come out of bed? >> yes, come out from underneath your bed and go to the officer at your bedroom window. can you see them. >> yeah, i'm coming out. >> reporter: because the boy's quick-thinking, all of the intruders were caught. >> he's very smart and he was, he did an outstanding job. >> amazingly the little boy was
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off his sense of hearing the entire time while the family was able to recover any valuables, his school certificates got ripped up during the invasion. hopefully the school will step up and issue some new one. john, thank you so much. we'll turn now to one of the most personal of crimes, peeping toms, taking advantage of tiny cell phone cameras, snapping videos under the skirts of unsuspecting women. it's disturbing to watch. the man stalking women at target. he walks up, slips his cell phone under a skirt and captures the video. >> that's pretty disgust zblg pretty creeping and disgusting. >> reporter: and all too common this day. this atlanta man arrested for using his cell phone for
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videoing women at a mall restaurant. last month, another people peeping tom got more than he bargained for, when he slipped a cell phone under a dressing room. >> i got in his face and started screaming at him. i got him off of me and that's when i pushed him. >> reporter: police charged the 21-year-old peeping tom with voyeurism. last year a colorado man busted for use ags camera hidden inside his shoe to video tape up women's skirt. the suspect getting two years. oh, and back at that first cell phone peeping tom that we showed you, a group of women shoppers
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that caught on, chased him out of the store and called 911. for "good morning america," john muller, abc news. we want to show you a picture now that no mother wants to see, her daughter's bright red, extremely sun burned after a field day at school, all because teachers weren't allowed to apply sunscreen, how worried should you be as kids head off to camp this year? >> reporter: the doctor approved of sun protection, dress kids in protective clothing. parents may be shocked to learn many schools don't follow these rules. something one washington mother learned the hard way. it was scorching pain that could have been avoided. >> it feels like your eyeballs are just going to pop out. >> severely sunburned at school,
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they came home from field day so burned their mother rushed them to the hospital. they're n they're mom, she regrets not putting sunscreen on them that morning. doctors recommend reapplying every couple of hours. >> they couldn't reapply without a doctor's note. >> reporter: the school district said it has to ban sunscreen it's state law. >> because so many additives in lotions and sunscreens cause allergic reactions in children, we have to monitor that. >> reporter: so many schools don't allow them without a doctor's note. california is the only state to allow sunscreen in school without one.
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this worries doctors. >> having a sun burn in childhood dramatically increases your risk of skin cancer later in life. i can't see any justification for any school to tell a child that they're not allowed to apply sun screen. >> i think it's really dumb. >> i think it's stupid. >> with camps starting soon, parents need to check the sunscreen policy. make sure your kids' full-spectrum with an spf 30. other tips, wear hats and seek the shade. >> it's shocking. i had no idea that there were laws actually banning that. >> thank you so much. time now for weather and back to ginger zee. >> good morning ben and bianna. yesterday was such a beautiful day in the mid-atlantic and northeast.
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maryland, they had some big storms friday and yesterday, who has the potential to clean up on monday after sunday's storms? anywhere from the northeast portions of georgia up through the carolinas and virginia. back through detroit and parts of the great lakes there. mostly, damaging wind and hail event. isolated tornado not out of the question. the other big thing is heat. oklahoma city, 97. kansas city, 94 today. they're already seeing heat advisories. that is the big picture. i want to he leave you know with a check now a little closer to home.
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>> you can find me on facebook at tv. look at this sunset. dan took this in oswego, new york. i'll leave you with that sunset. please send me pictures on facebook and twitter. all right, ginger, thank you. the last thing that you could expect a prison warden say to inmates, go ahead, make a break for it. ron claiborne is back to tell us about this. this is unreal. >> reporter: they're worried
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that the locks of the cell may not be secure enough. they came up an unusual way to put it to test. in the movies when inmates break out prison, they do it in hol hollywood fashion. they dig out. they blast their way out. or they go soaring over the fence. in real life, it all starts with this -- the lock. and now, one jail is offering inmates what may want most -- a chance to escape. >> any inmate that can defeat these locks will get commission sars on the house. >> reporter: that's right. they're challenging inmates to crack these locks. to test the locks throughout its
4:21 am
23-year history. >> they don't serve the purpose anymore of security. >> reporter: so they recruited some of their most eager to leave inmates. including, of course, those who think they're not guilty. sort of an ocean's 11 team of the jail population to see if they can get out. the need for improved security is very real. nationwide, around 2500 inmates escape every year. this test, the cells just lead to secured areas. the reward, 20 bucks. and maybe, just maybe, a chance at redemption. one corrections expert says, what they're doing is actually a great idea. they consult with former bank robbers to improve bank's
4:22 am
security. >> not asking former inmates but current inmates. >> technology is changing all the time. >> 20 bucks. they got to do better than that. >> it's a start. >> maybe. all right. coming up -- divorce drama. christie brinkley back in court. taking on her ex-husband. now his new wife joining the battle and the war of words is downright nasty. and our becky worley dropped her ipad off a roof, can a protective case save it? how to keep your cell phones and tablets safe? a father, his daughter, and one terrified roller coaster ride. >> he does look terrified. [ lane ] your anti-wrinkle cream is gone.
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coming up -- the late in the divorce drama between christie brinkley and her ex-wife they're back in court. this dog trying to get this ball. it's very funny. "fixation."
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he's walking away. he's scared of me. scared of how tough and crazy i am. oh, maybe he's going to rush me. run bear run! >> this man is destined for internet fame or certain death. depending on how that bear felt at the moment. who challenges a bear to a fight? we'll hear from that brave maybe foolish man coming up. good morning, america. >> was he thinking? >> i have no idea. >> unbelievable. good morning, i'm bianna golodryga. we're happy to welcome ben back to the program. he hosts etalk in canada.
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also ahead -- becky worley dropped her ipad off her roof? all in the name of protecting your own product. we'll let you know which did the job for us and which didn't. but first the bitter celebrity custody battle that just got uglier. christie brinkley back in court. battling her ex over child support payments. his new wife now entering the fray. the exchange of words between the two is downright -- >> reporter: for such a handsome couple, it's been an igly battle. supermodel christie brinkley and her ex, architect peter cook were back in court, duking it out on friday. now, there's a surprising new player engaging in a public war
4:32 am
of words. cook's new wife, outside of the courtroom, reporters saw brinkley walk over to shaw, she was heard saying, when you find out he's been cheating on you, i'll be there for you. shaw snapped back, come up with a new line. >> the new wife would have been well advised to keep her mouth shut and stay classy as we say, and i think it would have helped her image as opposed to getting in the gut and that would have made christie as the one in gutter. >> reporter: they were maryland for ten years and have two children. they divorced in 2008, brinkley said that cook had an affair with his 18-year-old assistant. cook said that brinkley drove him to it. on friday, the judge called them to court hoping they could come to an agreement to avoid a trial. but that didn't happen. so, now the trial between the dueling exes is extented to
4:33 am
start on monday. analysts say this case will come at a high cost. >> i can tell you the ones who suffer are the children. because no matter how much the parents try to protect them, they're still put in the middle of two parents who hate each other. >> all of these years later, you hope they can resolve their differences. all right, ron claiborne with the other headlines. good morning, everyone. this morning, we learned the death of four nato members in southern afghanistan. an out of control wildfire in colorado forced more than 1,000 families from their own homes. the fire is getting worse. six wildfires covering thousands of acres. a frightening roof collapse at a mall in elliott lake,
4:34 am
ontario, cars tumbled from a roof. no official word yet on the number of people who were injured. ten new electric cars are cruising the state of california. tesla handed over the keys to the lucky owners. it can go from 0 to 60 miles per hour in 5.6 seconds. time now for the weather and over to ginger zee. on good morning, over. debby already affecting florida. tampa up to tallahassee. getting some heavy rain. 1 to 2 inches so far. a whole lot more is heading your way. how much? when this whole thing gets going, 5 to 10 inches in this red area. pensacola, the area had such big issues with all of that flooding just a couple of weeks ago.
4:35 am
the center of the nation is going to be so super hot, dallas looking at one of their hottest temperatures so far this year at 100 today. that's the big picture. let's get a look closer to home. >> this weather report has been brought to you by purina. >> the takeaway is that it's hot. all right, ginger, coming up on "good morning america" -- can this ipad survive a 15-foot drop? can it survive the drill our becky worley tries out this protecting methods coming up. who wins? what kind of nut will dare a bear to run at him?
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i don't know about you, ben. nothing worse than getting your blackberry or ipad scratched or crack. >> buying a smartphone is an
4:40 am
investment. >> that's right. abc technology contributor becky worley has a rundown of protective cases and sleeves aimed to keep your tech products looking new. >> reporter: from ipads to smartphones, technology seems to save our lives daily. but what if we can't save our technology from this? yikes. this? wow. enter the tech protecters. products that aim to make our products more scratch proof. time to put these products through the wringer. first up, the zagg protector. we covered that have scene with the invisible shield and the other half uncovered. went at it, coins, nail file.
4:41 am
no scratch where the screen protector was. but, now, let's get extreme. after some quality time with drill, here's the big test. almost all of the screen is unscratched. this is a $400 replacement cost. next up, technology's worst enemy. water. the makers of the dry case claim that once sealed inside, your ipad can get all kinds of wet and still work. phone. meet hose. still works. but now, the ultimate test. i'll throw my ipad into the pool.
4:42 am
it still works. i was worried. the dry case didn't leave us high and dry. it passed with flying colors. what if you want a phone that can handle serious abuse without a case? make way for the samsung rugby smart phone. it's tough enough to military standards. here she goes. it's working. a couple of little dings on the edges. but that's pretty incredible. it even withstands water nap's a thumbs up. finally, most tech owners' nightmare, dumping your super expensive iphone, what could stop this earth-shattering event? it could be our final product. g-form extreme edge.
4:43 am
let's drop an ipad. no scratches. no breakage. could it survive a drop from my rooftop? the company says yes. so, here we go. the case protected the ipad when dropped screen-up. when dropped face down, uh-oh. off the roof? probably not a good call. for everyday drop, the g-form would still meet your protective needs. one of your tech protectors should do the trick. we talked to the folks at g-form about the cracked ipad. here's what they said -- this case does normally protect from extreme drops even when it falls glass-side down. . if you need more protection for your device, they offer other
4:44 am
models that cover both sides of your ipad. all in all, this protective gear does seem to protect the sizable investment in the technology that we use everyday. >> i hope that we didn't pay for those ipads that we dropped. coming up on "good morning america" -- caught on tape. an amusement ride to remember. a real freakout for one terrified dad.
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♪ you're the obsession, you're my obsession ♪ well it's ben's first "fixation." >> i have been waiting for this a long time.
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>> we show you stories, images and videos that caught our attention this week. we're going to start with ginger. >> i have the dog, got to start with the animal, the intraweb here, let's look. he's having a little trouble. al he wants is that ball. >> i like the background music. >> right, right. >> almost, almost there. oh. >> really? >> i did not see that coming. >> oh. >> that's mean. okay, i got a great video here a golfer, he's going hit the ball, he's a pro golfer, he's going have a mercedes benz chase it down and try to get the ball into the convertible. the mercedes takes up. the mercedes is running after it, and 300 yards later, hole in
4:50 am
one. hole in one, mercedes. that's incredible. >> i don't know what that proves. >> it proves -- the mercedes is really fast. >> fast a car. nothing sweeter than a dad taking his daughter to tan amusement park. until you meet this father. when he took his daughter on a ride he'll never forget. [ laughter ] >> never again. >> look at her. >> she's having the time of her life. zblonchts all right, for me, it's always a struggle, man versus bear. right? we ask this all the time, what happens when you spot a bear outside of your home? normally, you would run away. not this guy, this guy goads the bear on.
4:51 am
>> bear. >> mr. bear. bear. until -- >> is he intoxicate snd. >> you know, we don't want to assume he was. >> no one in their right mind. >> we asked him. we talked to him earlier. what was on his mind? >> i think you got to embrace your fears and try new things. check it out. they're probably more scared of you than you of them. it was so slow and deliberate. maybe he's had enough now. >> so many things wrong with that. he wasn't going to come smack you, he was going to come eat you. a story or picture that you can't get enough, tweet us at gma and we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] considering all your mouth goes through,
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we want to thank you for watching abc news. we're always online at "good morning america" at yahoo!. more this "this week" with george stephanopoulos. ben, we thank you for being here. >> thank you.
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